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For us, running is more than just a sport

We believe running deserves more attention. Or why does running behind a ball inspire so many more crowds than without it? Why do football players from the third division get more attention from the press, TV and sponsors than our marathon stars? And the most important question of all: (How) can you change that?

In our podcast we discuss rumors, news and the lifestyle surrounding running and tell stories from and with professionals and runners from the community. A breath of fresh air for the running scene for more fans of running.

Show notes

latest episodes

Doping erkennt man am Laufstil - mit Florian Kurrasch (E20)

Doping erkennt man am Laufstil - mit Florian Kurrasch (E20)

In dieser Episode geht's um die Hallen-DM in Leipzig. Dabei konzentrieren wir uns weniger auf die offiziellen Ergebnisse als vielmehr auf das, was hinter den Kulissen passiert ist, und auf unsere p...

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Was geht eigentlich im Marathon? - mit Agata Strausa (E19)

What's going on in the marathon? - with Agata Strausa (E19)

In this episode, we leave behind the excitement of Superbowl weekend and the historic moments of the 116th Millrose Games in New York to focus on a different kind of endurance: marathons. Connectin...

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Touchdown Boston - mit Florian Kurrasch (E18)

Touchdown Boston - with Florian Kurrasch

In this episode, Sven and Flo delve into the beating heart of the indoor track event in Boston. They talk about their experiences at the New Balance Indoor Grand Prix and have lively discussions ab...

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