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More backgrounds for more emotions

To make running more accessible to people of all ages and abilities, we tell the stories of runners, achievements and events.

Real stories

Every athlete has a story waiting to be told and inspire others. No matter how different the individual goals are, at some point everyone faces the same challenges and has to deal with the same setbacks.

We tell the stories of authentic runners - from professionals and from the community.

A stage for professionals

Sport thrives on emotions - be it compassion, joy, excitement or sadness. But these emotions can only be evoked if you can identify with a person and root for them.

We give professionals a stage before important competitions and classify their preparation and individual goals.

informative and entertaining

Following events live and keeping up with everything is not that easy. And a long list of results doesn't exactly ensure that events, their stories and achievements are remembered.

We combine key findings with compelling on-site footage and voices.

We are more

Martha Robles

Co-Founder // Creative Director


Sven Rudolph

Co-Founder // Creative Producer


Agata Strausa



Florian Kurrasch



As a media production and independent platform, we want to make running cooler, inspire people and turn them into fans of running.