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Wir glauben, dass Laufen mehr Aufmerksamkeit verdient. Oder wieso begeistert das Rennen hinter einem Ball so viel mehr Massen als ohne? Warum bekommen Fußballspieler aus der dritten Liga mehr Aufmerksamkeit von Presse, TV und Sponsoren als unsere Marathonstars? Und die wichtigste Frage überhaupt: (Wie) kann man das ändern?

In unserem Podcast diskutieren wir Gerüchte, News und den Lifestyle rund ums Laufen und erzählen Geschichten von und mit Profis und Läufer:innen aus der Community. Frischer Wind für die Laufszene für mehr Fans im Laufsport.

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Marathon statt Krise - mit Agata Strausa (E35)

Marathon instead of crisis - with Agata Strausa (E35)

Today's episode is about the marathon again. More specifically, about whether the marathon is often the result of a quarter-life crisis for many young people. Agata sent me an article on this topic...

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Socken sind für Dullis - mit Florian Kurrasch (E34)

Socks are for idiots - with Florian Kurrasch (E34)

We're reporting from summery Berlin and welcoming regular guest Florian Kurrasch. Flo was at his first Diamond League meeting in Oslo last week and is sharing his exciting experiences with us today...

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Be bold. Die Kraft von Running Communities (E33)

Be bold. The power of running communities

More and more running communities are emerging around the world. Every week a new group with its own unique character seems to join. Our guest today is Sophia Bolte, founder of bold.running. Since ...

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Leistungssprung nach drei Tagen in St. Moritz - mit Florian Kurrasch (E32)

Performance jump after three days in St. Moritz - with Florian Kurrasch (E32)

It's been a long time since we recorded an episode from Berlin, and this time our regular guest and co-host Florian Kurrasch is back. Today we're talking about the track events this weekend, becaus...

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Das macht Trail geiler als Track - mit Max Rahm (E31)

This makes trail cooler than track - with Max Rahm (E31)

After Hamburg and Bavaria, today we're reporting from Rhineland-Palatinate, or more precisely from Max Rahm's apartment. Max is an ambitious runner from a small village near Kaiserslautern who feel...

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Gjert Ingebrigtsen und das nasse Handtuch - mit Florian Kurrasch (E30)

Gjert Ingebrigtsen and the wet towel - with Florian Kurrasch (E30)

Hello from Munich! Last weekend we were at the Wings For Life Run in Munich and accompanied David Schönherr from the media. Cool and exciting format - not easy for spectators or media people on sit...

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Wettlauf der Brands: Marketing oder Mehrwert für den Laufsport? - mit Florian Kurrasch (E29)

Race between brands: Marketing or added value for running? - with Florian Kurrasch (E29)

Hello from Hamburg! This episode is about running brands and the development of activations as well as unveilings of new products or collections. Florian Kurrasch is always there and reports on his...

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Absichtlich verlaufen für mehr Kilometer - mit Lukas und Johannes Motschmann (E28)

Getting lost on purpose for more kilometers - with Lukas and Johannes Motschmann (E28)

In this episode we welcome twin brothers Lukas and Johannes Motschmann as our guests. Last weekend they were together in London. While Johannes ran a new personal best of 2:10:39 at the London Mara...

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Wieder ins Rollen kommen - mit Miriam Dattke (E27)

Getting back on track - with Miriam Dattke (E27)

In today's episode, our guest is Miriam Dattke, one of Germany's best 10,000m and marathon runners. Our conversation took place in the run-up to the Berlin Half Marathon, but instead of the race it...

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Double Days statt Tapern vorm Berliner Halbmarathon - mit Aaron Bienenfeld (E26)

Double days instead of tapering before the Berlin Half Marathon - with Aaron Bienenfeld

A hot weekend is behind us and in this episode we report from Aaron Bienenfeld's hotel room, directly after his finish at the Berlin Half Marathon. Last year we were still wrapped up in winter jack...

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Die größte Innovation der letzten Jahre - mit Florian Kurrasch (E25)

The biggest innovation of recent years - with Florian Kurrasch (E25)

In this episode we report back from the Easter weekend, and Florian Kurrasch not only looked for Easter eggs at home, but also brought exciting stories from the running bubble with him . We look ba...

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Trainingslager: Monotonie oder Dolce Vita? - mit Agata Strausa (E24)

Training camp: monotony or dolce vita? - with Agata Strausa (E24)

In this episode I talk to Agata Strauss about training camps, because almost all professional athletes are currently in one. While such camps are often viewed as a kind of vacation in exotic locati...

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Mit Kiprun oder On nach Paris? - mit Florian Kurrasch (E23)

With Kiprun or On to Paris? - with Florian Kurrasch

In this episode we start with an exciting weekend full of highlights: from fast 10,000 meters in the USA to new records in road races in France and Spain to the hot Lisbon Half Marathon - everywher...

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Mehr Mut für Veränderung - mit Meret Stabell (E22)

More courage for change - with Meret Stabell (E22)

In this episode, Meret and I dive back into the discussion of how to make running events more exciting. After my spontaneous visit to an ice hockey game, I was entertained for two hours without rea...

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Warum sind Verletzungen ein Tabuthema? - mit Agata Strausa (E21)

Why does nobody talk about injuries? - with Agata Strausa (E21)

In this episode, Agata and I speak about a topic that no one likes to talk about but that everyone knows: pain and injuries. Who can't relate? Sometimes it hurts here, some...

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Doping erkennt man am Laufstil - mit Florian Kurrasch (E20)

You can recognise doping by the running style - with Florian Kurrasch (E20)

This episode is about the indoor DM in Leipzig. We focus less on the official results and more on what happened behind the scenes and on our personal experiences in Leipzig. Flo also explains how h...

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Was geht eigentlich im Marathon? - mit Agata Strausa (E19)

What's going on in the marathon? - with Agata Strausa (E19)

In this episode, we leave behind the excitement of Superbowl weekend and the historic moments of the 116th Millrose Games in New York to focus on a different kind of endurance: marathons. Connectin...

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Touchdown Boston - mit Florian Kurrasch (E18)

Touchdown Boston - with Florian Kurrasch

In this episode, Sven and Flo delve into the beating heart of the indoor track event in Boston. They talk about their experiences at the New Balance Indoor Grand Prix and have lively discussions ab...

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Laufen im Auftrag der Wissenschaft - mit Meret Stabell (E17)

Running on behalf of science - with Meret Stabell (E17)

In this episode, Sven talks to Meret about how running events could be optimized for different stakeholders from a sports marketing perspective. Meret is not only an enthusiastic runner and photog...

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Zurück aus der Sommerpause - mit Florian Kurrasch (E16)

Back from the summer break - with Florian Kurrasch (E16)

We're back from the damn long summer break. In this episode, Sven and sports photographer Florian Kurrasch take you on a wild rollercoaster ride of everyday life, including the odyssey for a new p...

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Pre-Race Dusche mit Frederik Ruppert (E15)

Pre-Race shower with Frederik Ruppert (E15)

On the morning of Track Night Vienna, Björn and Sven meet 3,000m obstacle runner Frederik Ruppert in the athletes' hotel. Was active in football for a long time before trying out middle distance a...

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Making track cooler with Katherine Turner (E14)

Making track cooler with Katherine Turner (E14)

What do Strava, ON and Tracksmith have in common? They are all successful today and Katherine Turner has worked for them. Of course, we want her on our podcast, too.

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Jetzt mal Butter bei die Fische mit Aaron Bienenfeld (E10)

Now butter the fish with Aaron Bienenfeld (E10)

After his performance at the Berlin Half Marathon, Aaron treated himself to a few more days in the city and stopped by the Running Deserves More Capital Studio. At the age of 19, Aaron sets off fo...

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Gewinnen macht immer Spaß mit Agata Strausa (E09)

Winning is always fun with Agata Strausa (E09)

Berlin half marathon weekends are special and always mean a lot of excitement, lots of shakeout runs and, above all, lots of things to talk about. That's why there's a special #berlinhalf episode ...

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Laufblase befruchten mit Paul Voß (E08)

Fertilizing the running bladder with Paul Voß (E08)

What could be more obvious for a running podcast than inviting a former racing bike and active gravel professional as the first guest? Probably a lot. Paul Voß was a professional racing cyclist fr...

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