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Wettlauf der Brands: Marketing oder Mehrwert für den Laufsport? - mit Florian Kurrasch (E29)

Race between brands: Marketing or added value for running? - with Florian Kurrasch (E29)

Hello from Hamburg! This episode is about running brands and the development of activations as well as the unveiling of new products or collections. Florian Kurrasch is always there and reports on his visit to the announcement of Adidas' Olympic collection and the Asics Paris Festival of Running, a 5km run at night in the middle of Paris, where Asics professionals travel from all over the world to achieve personal bests. Something similar has been happening at Adidas for four years with the Road 2 Records event on the campus at the headquarters in Herzogenaurach. We ask ourselves: is this all just marketing or does it also bring real added value to the sport of running? Let's see, but first: Let's go!

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