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Real money on the line - mit Ludwig Tassilo (E36)

Real money on the line - with Ludwig Tassilo (E36)

Welcome to the last episode before the summer break! To round off the second season, we're taking on the really big topics again. This year, there have been numerous rumors and announcements in the running world that could have lasting effects on running. And there couldn't have been a better guest for this episode than Ludwig Tassilo - the biggest track & field fan I know and my personal live ticker on all things running and athletics.

We're talking about the Netflix series "Sprint," which will be released on July 2, and about Grand Slam Track, a new league for track events that will start in 2025. There's a lot of potential and, above all, a lot of money in the air. So, let's go!

🔗 Official trailer for the Netflix series "Sprint"
🔗 Grand Slam Track: More info and Instagram

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