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Gewinnen macht immer Spaß mit Agata Strausa (E09)

Winning is always fun with Agata Strausa (E09)

Berlin half marathon weekends are special and always mean a lot of excitement, lots of shakeout runs and, above all, lots of things to talk about. That's why there's a special #berlinhalf episode here. Agata Strausa is actually a professional in everything she does. She laid the foundation for her middle distance career in college with the Florida Gators. She ran her half marathon debut in 2016 in a spectacular 1:13:13 without any specific preparation. Today Agata works as a journalist, regularly writes cool articles for the más.independent journal and also runs fast times or sets world records at Hyrox. Definitely role model potential and we are super happy to have her on our team and to welcome her as a guest in this episode.

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