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Double Days statt Tapern vorm Berliner Halbmarathon - mit Aaron Bienenfeld (E26)

Double days instead of tapering before the Berlin Half Marathon - with Aaron Bienenfeld

A hot weekend is behind us and in this episode we report from Aaron Bienenfeld's hotel room, directly after his finish at the Berlin Half Marathon. Last year we were still wrapped up in winter jackets, but this year the weather surprised us and jumped straight into summer. But it wasn't just the temperatures that were hot - the storylines surrounding the German elite field also heated things up. The city was full of runners again and the athletes' hotel became the focus of our weekend. Every year the half marathon weekend in Berlin offers a unique backdrop for exciting projects with the pros, and this time we sat down with Aaron Bienenfeld, who was the second fastest German with an impressive time of 62:34. Aaron has a lot to report, from his development over the last year to his experiences at the race. So let's go!

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