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Making track cooler with Katherine Turner (E14)

Making track cooler with Katherine Turner (E14)

What do Strava, ON and Tracksmith have in common? They are all successful today and Katherine Turner has worked for them. Of course, we want her on our podcast, too.

Katherine Turner lives the jet-set life and manages ON Running's social media presence along the way. This year she has already been to the Penn Relays in Philadelphia (the oldest and largest track and field competition in the US), the Track Fest in LA, the Night of 10,000m PB in London and will be at the Fast5000 in Paris next weekend. So she's the perfect person to talk to about how to make track events cooler.

If you also want to know what Fred Kerley meant by the mysterious "Project 42" back in college, you should listen to Episode 14.

A few words about our guest

We know few people who live running more than Katherine Turner. Not only does she still have dreams of competing for the UK one day, but she also helps brands who want to make a difference in the running world succeed. In the last 18 months, she has contributed a lot to OAC's media success as ON's social media manager and has also been up close and personal at many big running events around the world.

In “Brothers ask expert” Katherine answers these question:

➡️ Do you have a celebrity crush?

➡️ If you could change one thing about tracks, what would it be?

➡️ Who is currently your favorite runner from the OAC team that everyone should follow? Carmela Cardama Báez

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🔗 Katherine Turner on instagram: @katherine_m_turner

🔗 Katherine Turner's book recommendation: Good for a Girl: A Woman Running in a Man's World

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