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Der NB Indoor Grand Prix setzt neue Maßstäbe

How the NB Indoor Grand Prix raised the bar

Boston is known for its prestigious marathon. But another event has just caught our attention there: The New Balance Indoor Grand Prix. The Running Experts team experienced the full magic of track and field. Here you can read why.

Words: Agata Strausa (in collab w/ Julien Jeandrée)
Photos: Maximilian Fink

Outside it's freezing temperatures of minus 22 degrees, but inside the track is on fire: At the New Balance Indoor Grand Prix in Boston, the world's athletics elite gathered at the beginning of February for a unique event. The newly built Hich-Tech indoor facility "The Track at New Balance" was almost sold out.

Around 4,000 spectators, a colorful mix of track fans were at the start: families, high school kids and content creators from all walks of life. Among them were Julien Jeandree and Maximilian Fink from Running Experts. It was obvious to see how connected the running community in Boston is and that Track & Field is lived in a different way here.

With the first competitions and duels on the track, movement comes into the hall. Tension is in the air: the audience waits for its favorites, the athletes stand at the starting line with tunnel vision. Off the track, other professionals are just starting their warm-up program or coming back from the cool-down area. It is noticeable that all athletes, whether newcomers or stars, are very approachable. No young fan with a sharpie pen is left without an autograph.

These stars turn the hall upside down

The hall gets really loud when US stars like Sydney McLaughlin-Levrone or Noah Lyles enter the starting line. When Femke Bol from the Netherlands crosses the finish line after 500 meters in a new world record time of 1:05.63 minutes, the hall goes wild. Woody Kincaid's famous final kick in the last lap of the men's 3,000-meter race was also uninhibited. A special highlight from a German perspective: steeplechaser Lea Meyer breaks a new personal best over 3,000 meters in a strong 8:52.48 min. The track and field day is rounded off by two relay races for students: sprint medley relay and 4x800m.

New Balance sets a statement with this hall

The Running Experts team was particularly enthusiastic about the indoor facility: Not only was the latest technology installed here, there was everything to make a track-and-field nerd's heart beat faster: A Research Lab including 3D body scan for optimized gear, a dedicated warm-up track and a treadmill you can even use with spikes. Plus a Broken Records beer hall and not to forget the running track itself. A 200-meter track with hydraulic curves and space for 5,000 spectators. Definitely an inspiring event and a worthwhile trip! Gladly more of both.

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