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Für ein klares Statement im Alltag

For a clear statement in everyday life

The running watch, including the light, untanned skin on the wrist. Only running clothes in the fully packed backpack. The new running shoes on your feet under the desk. All of these are characteristics of a special breed of people.

Words: Sven Rudolph
Photos: Florian Kurrasch and Marta Robles

Running Deserves More Lookbook

At the beginning of the year we started telling real stories from full-time professionals and community runners, highlighting exceptional achievements and reporting on exciting events. In this way, we want to learn even more about the world of running and understand the athletes even better. With our look at running, we want to bring a breath of fresh air into the scene in order to make the sport more attractive and accessible for everyone .

Being a runner is not easy

Anyone who laces up their running shoes several times a week knows that running is more than just a sport. It requires a certain attitude to complete the endurance run before work or to complete the hard intervals between the end of the day and dinner. Or preferring the long run to brunch on Sundays. Running is discipline, dedication - and fulfillment.

Runners are different

Once the training has already been completed for the day, you would like to talk about the previous session: how it went, the interim times or what is still to come in the rest of the week. You want to talk to others about the new competition shoe or analyze the performance of the professionals on the last marathon weekend. But this is only possible with conversation partners who also understand something about running.

Once a runner, always a runner

The best way to talk about running is with those who run or have run themselves. These are people who understand the joy it is when the intervals are on average five seconds faster than last week. But there are also a handful of fans of the sport who are so enthusiastic about running that they can not only relate to it all, but can also capture it for others. It's not just about telling the many stories of the sport, but also about developing it further. What new competition formats could there be? How can running get the widespread attention it deserves? How could the sport be marketed better? These are questions that sport needs: Because Running Deserves More.

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