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Maximilian Thorwirth braucht kein Höhentrainingslager für Olympia

Maximilian Thorwirth doesn't need a high-altitude training camp for the Olympics

During our Boston trip we met with professional runner Maximilian Thorwirth, who came to the USA for the indoor season. Max talks about his preparation in Monte Gordo, his decision against altitude training and his goals for the upcoming Olympic Games.

Words: Sven Rudolph
Photos: Florian Kurrasch

más: Max, you came to the USA for the indoor season. How intensively did you prepare for this stay and the upcoming competitions?

Max: Yes, I definitely prepared specifically for it. After Christmas I flew to Monte Gordo, Portugal for a four-week training camp for intensive training before coming to the US. The main reason for my stay here is to take part in the indoor season, especially because of the NB Indoor Grand Prix, which is ideal for me as a 3000 meter runner. I also want to collect points early for the Olympic Games, which makes these competitions particularly important for me.

You have chosen Monte Gordo for your training camp. What makes this place so special to you compared to other popular high-altitude destinations?

For me, Monte Gordo has two main advantages over, for example, Flagstaff or Kenya. On the one hand, we consciously decided against altitude training because I have never really felt the effect of altitude and have performed well even without such stays. In addition, there is no longer any need for a long journey and getting used to it. On the other hand, Monte Gordo offers a unique atmosphere due to the variety of athletes of different performance levels. This mixture creates a relaxed, almost family atmosphere, which is very important to me.

Your focus this year is certainly on the Olympic Games. Have you already decided whether you will compete in the 1500 meters or 5000 meters?

My main focus is the 5000 meters. I believe that I have the greatest potential in this discipline, although I will continue to work on my speed over 1500 meters. My goal is to be able to play a decisive role at the end of a race, and I see that more likely over 5000 meters.

As a New Balance athlete, you enjoy special support. Can you tell us more about it?

Representing New Balance means a lot to me. The brand gave me trust very early on, when only a few people believed in me, and supported me even in difficult times. As part of the team, I am involved in product development processes and feel a strong family bond. I particularly appreciate that New Balance also supports my personal projects, such as the NB-Kö-Mile, which would not be possible without them.

In terms of style, your outfitter is well positioned: How important is your outfit for a race? And do you have a favorite race kit from the last few years?

Having a good race outfit is of course important and certainly helps you run faster, even if I wouldn't describe myself as a fashion type. I really like the current black kit with the white details. A special highlight, however, was the unique white top with a red stripe, which was produced specifically for the NB Indoor Grand Prix two years ago. I thought the design was particularly cool. But I'm also very excited about the coming outdoor season, when there will be the new race outfit.

Max, thank you for the interview and good luck for the Olympic year!

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